Professional Visit

Due to the Covid-19, the professional visit will be cancelled.

(Managed by Taipei Medical University)

Participants Maximum: 30 People (Based on first come first served)
Gathering Point: 1F, Lobby, TICC
Gathering Time: 08:40, September 12, 2020
Departure Time: 08:50, September 12, 2020

Taipei Municipal Wan Fang Hospital(萬芳醫院)
Taipei Municipal Wan Fang Hospital, a medical center and teaching hospital under the management by Taipei Medical University in 1997 as first municipal hospital in Taipei City operated by the private industry. There are 743 beds in the hospital and is conveniently located next to the brown line MRT Wan fang Hospital Station. Wan Fang Hospital is equipped with cut-edge technology; professional medical staff here provides the highest-quality health care and service to all of our patients. The hospital has passed several internationally well-known qualifications, which include the five-time consecutive accreditations by the Joint Commission International (JCI). Wan Fang Hospital offers comprehensive clinical services provided by experts from 43 medical departments, including smart ward, hospice ward, geriatric LOHAS ward ... etc
Smart Ward: We contemplates in promoting in-patient service quality as well as the communication between doctors, nurses and patients with our smart ward, which offers patients an convenient environment without disturbance .At the same time, it provides a high-efficiency care model for the nurses as well, which improves the job satisfaction of the nurses. Smart ward integrates bedside terminal, e-ink series bedside card/note, nursing call system, and electronic whiteboard system in nurse Station. Empower healthcare administrators to improve overall operational efficiency, and enhance each patient's experience.
Hospice Ward: We provide patient holistic care not only physical but also psychosocial and spiritual support is offered to patients and their families and is provided by the social workers and pastor and a warm environment as well. The last wish project to help patients fell fulfillment before end of life Geriatric LOHAS Ward: A team work by multi- professional medical staff that’s to provide comprehensive care for elderly patients via e-link series technology and the new model of rehabilitation care to re-establish the daily care of ability

臺北市立萬芳醫院成立於 1997 年,為臺北市第一 家公辦民營之市立醫院,由臺北市政府委托臺北醫學大學經營。本院共有 743 床,交通便利,緊臨捷運木柵線「萬芳醫院站」出口,為一所醫學中心等級的教學醫院。萬芳醫院具有急重症病人醫療能力與品質。自開院以來通過多項品質認證,包括五次高分通過 JCI 國際醫院評鑒認證、癌症診療品質認證、國家級重度急救責任醫院,且外傷醫療已達美國一級外傷中心的規格,發展多元具有特色的全人醫療中心,其中包括智慧病房、安寧病房、樂齡病房….等。
智慧病房:透過智慧病房強化醫師、病人與護理師的溝通,提高住院服務品質。為病人提供便利、舒適,較少受干擾的照護環境,同時為護理師提供高效率的護理模式,進而提升其工作滿意度。智慧病房整合病床終端的床頭卡、鏈結相關床邊照護資訊、護理呼叫系統、串接資料至護理站電子白板系統, 提供主管有效率的病房管理,增進整體運營效率,強化每位病人照護。
樂齡病房:多團隊專業人員的合作,通過 e-link 系列技術,為老年病人提供全面照護,和新的復健模式,重塑日常生活的能力。


Participants Maximum: 20 People (Based on first come first serve basis)
Gathering Point: 1F, Lobby, TICC
Gathering Time: 07:50, September 12, 2020
Departure Time: 08:00, September 12, 2020

Far Eastern Memorial Hospital(亞東紀念醫院)
There are 64 divisions and 2 centers in FEMH including Cardiovascular Center, Endocrinology and Metabolism Divisions, General Surgery Divisions, Obstetrics Divisions, Gynecology Divisions, Pediatrics Gastroenterology Divisions, and other medical divisions. providing comprehensive medical services. FEMH 1,408 beds are equipped for service, 6,500 outpatients visit in a day, and around 400 patients are treated each day in the emergency room that is ranked fourth place nationwide with a hospital bed occupation rate of over 90% documented. FEMH provides quality medical service to the residents of Taipei Metropolitan area with a comprehensive medical team and advanced medical equipment.
Smart Medical:
1. Multi-registration and payment system
2. Automatic - registration system
3. Digital board system
4. Early warning system
5. Barcode system

1. 多元掛號及繳費系統
2. 自助報到系統
3. 電子白板系統
4. 早期預警系統
5. Barcode系統

Participants Maximum: 40 People (Based on first come first serve basis)
Gathering Point: 1F, Lobby, TICC
Gathering Time: 07:50, September 12, 2020
Departure Time: 08:00, September 12, 2020
Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital:
Chang Gung Health and Culture Village:

Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital(林口長庚醫院)

Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital (CGMH) is an over 4,000–bed hospital and JCI accredited hospital in Taiwan. In their pursuit of providing the people of Taiwan with high quality healthcare, Founder of Formosa Plastic Group Mr. Yung-Ching Wang and Mr. Yung-Tsai Wang established CGMH in 1976 in memory of their father, Mr. Chang-Gung Wang. Now CGMH‘s mission is to become a world class medical center.
Chang Gung Memorial Hospital possesses the HIMSS 7 Certification in 2019. Our health information and technology equipment include ward trend management system, smart medicine cabinet, patient bedside information system, and smart ward system. We also developed a certain amount of innovative care equipment such as pediatric robot, heavy surgical object transport equipment, case management APP of CVA with artificial intelligence, rehabilitation X-Box machine, as well as diabetes table game for patient care.
At Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, we prioritize patient-centered care, offering domestic, as well as cross-border, patients with quality medical services, using state-of-the-art technology, based on exceptional values.

Chang Gung Health and Culture Village(養生文化村)

Chang Gung Health and Culture Village is located at Guishan of Taoyuan. It was established in 2004. It has 43 hectares with a total of 4,000 residential units. It is the largest and best quality continuing care retirement community (CCRC) in Taiwan.
Our philosophy of overall design and plan is based on the holistic care and person- centered care that provides comprehensively and friendly physiological, psychological, physical activity, cognitive, social participation, prolificacy, and living software and hardware service. The service goal enables the elderly enjoying healthy, happy, and interesting life for achieving the service goal of sunset years of the elderly with "living well, slowing down aging, reducing sick level and peaceful dying".
Visiting special features (visiting areas):
1. Integrated healthcare of a medical center class (A building).
2. Safe and high-quality home environment (A building).
3. Elder gardens for professional learning (A building).
4. Professional elderly dietary design (A building).
5. Elder health promotion center (C building).


長庚養生文化村位於桃園龜山,於2004年啟用,佔地43 公頃,總計4,000戶居住單元,是台灣最大最優質的連續性照護退休社區。
1. 醫學中心級的完整健康照護(A棟)
2. 安全優質居家環境(A棟)
3. 銀髮學園專業學習(A棟)
4. 專業銀髮營養餐點設計(A棟)
5. 銀髮運動健康促進中心 (C棟)

Participants Maximum: 40 People (Based on first come first served)
Gathering Point: 1F, Lobby, TICC
Gathering Time: 08:40, September 12, 2020
Departure Time: 08:50, September 12, 2020

Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital, Buddhist Tzu Chi Medical Foundation(佛教慈濟醫療財團法人台北慈濟醫院)
In the 1960s, life was extremely hard in Taiwan and people’s living standard was low. Moreover, people who living in the east coast of Taiwan were very impoverished. Master Cheng Yen with great compassion responded to the suffering of the poverty-stricken and vowed to pour great love into the ‘medical desert’ of eastern Taiwan. In 1986, the first Tzu Chi General Hospital was established in Hualien. Yuli, Kuanshan, Dalin, Taipei and Taichung Tzu Chi Hospital were opened accordingly. Tzu Chi medicine mission just like the blossoming flowers of happiness and wisdom, spreading from poverty-stricken east coast to the rest of Taiwan and formed a strong force of compassion that lives on endlessly.
Taipei Tzu Chi General Hospital was inaugurated on May 8, 2005. Under the collective support of Master Cheng Yen and global Tzu Chi volunteers, Tzu Chi built the first quakeproof hospital in Taiwan and well-known around the world. With the state-of-the-art, our hospital is designed to withstand the destructive forces of earthquake for thousand years. It is not only a new milestone for Tzu Chi medicine mission, but also a new ideal for humanistic medicine in the medical field of Taiwan. In the congested and chaotic medical environment, Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital is an oasis of spirit brimming with tranquility, humanism and harmony.
Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital is a large-scale hospital built to become the medical center filled with humanity. Besides of establishing the various medical specialties, exceptional fundamental, and state-of-the-art clinical services, we develop micro-invasive operations to minimize patients’ suffering. In addition, it integrates with Tzu Chi massive network of community volunteers. With their great support, the hospital promotes community health education as well as engages in health related and public hygiene work. The hospital also provides medical diagnosis, medical treatment, rehabilitation, and parent-children education for physically and mentally challenged children and their families.
Despite of the constant advanced medical technology that unravel the secrets of life, the innovation can only do so much to help the patients who still have to face the impermanence and unpredictability of life and the accompanying emotional suffering. In most of the situations, the patients need medicine treatment as well as spiritual comfort. Tzu Chi medical team comes together with the community volunteers to form a comprehensive team with the full of humanity. It highlights the spirit of empathetic love in “when others are hurt, we feel the pain; when others suffer, we feel the sorrow”. More than 220 Tzu Chi volunteers serve at the Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital daily at various locations, no matter of rain or shine throughout the year. They communicate Tzu Chi great love to every patient and the families. This unceasing stream of selfless compassion flows through the whole hospital. Every year, over 70 thousand Tzu Chi volunteers become great resources for this medicine team and witness the precious life.
Life is priceless. Life and death are unexpected. Tzu Chi medical team always serves patients with humbleness and cherishes every second to safeguard life with vigilance. From doctors, nurses to volunteers, we devote ourselves to the mission of “guarding life, health, and love” with sincere “gratefulness, respect, and love.”
Having weathered through many obstacles and challenges, Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital stands firmly in the Taipei metropolitan landscape, brimmed with its humanistic spirit, first-rate medical team, and advanced medical technology. I anticipate every member of extraordinary team to embody our founder Master Cheng Yen’s great compassion in carrying forth her dharma of relieving human suffering, saving lives, and to sow the seeds of love in every community and around the world.

台北慈濟醫院於2000年6月10日舉行動土典禮,證嚴法師有感於醫院是搶救生命的地方,千萬不能倒塌,全院以鋼骨鋼筋混凝土(Steel Reinforced Concrete,SRC)為結構,地下3層、地上15層,裝置全台首見隔震墊設備,使用鉛心橡膠隔震墊、天然橡膠隔震墊、滑動支承隔震器、油壓阻尼器、鋼環阻尼器等5種隔震器,共計349座,是國內第一座具備防震效能的「守護生命磐石的千年醫院」。

Participants Maximum: 100 People (Based on first come first served)
Gathering Point: 1F, Lobby, TICC
Gathering Time: 07:40, September 12, 2020
Departure Time: 07:50, September 12, 2020

Tzu Chi Shuang Ho Jingsi Hall(慈濟雙和靜思堂)

The Tzu Chi Shuang Ho Jingsi Hall’s groundbreaking ceremony was held in 2007 and the complex was formally opened in 2011. The hall is a place where people can visit and learn about the Buddhist spirit and Tzu Chi’s missions and ideals. It is also a place for Tzu Chi volunteers to gather for spiritual cultivation and to hold activities for people in the surrounding communities, hoping to purify hearts and minds, promote social peace and harmony, and eliminate the threat of disasters from the world. There are Jing Si Halls across Taiwan and around the world. In times of disaster, Jing Si Halls also serve as relief-coordination centers and shelters.



Environmental Education Centre (環保教育站)

Community-Based Care Centre (社區關懷據點)

Environmental Protection Exhibition (慈濟環保布展)